The unique guitars, amplifiers, effect units, keyboards and studio equipment of Frank Zappa

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Zappa Links:

Some of my favourite Zappa-related sites: - the official Frank Zappa website.
G&S Music - dedicated purveyors of FZ material.
Dweezil Zappa World - ZPZ news and more
The Idiot Bastard Son  - the latest Zappa related news, reviews and interviews. - pretty much everything about Zappa in print.
Zappa Wiki Jawaka - over 4600 articles related to Frank Zappa.

Gear Links:

Just some of the sites that have been useful in my researches, helped with photographs, technical information and so forth (there will be a complete list of references in the book including all verbal, printed and electronic sources).


Preservation Sound - information and ideas about audio history
Pro-Audio Company Names - What those mysterious initials mean
TEC Foundation - presenters of the TEC awards - my kind of people!
The Gear Page - more of my kind of people!


Vintage Guitars Info - History, Pictures and more
Vintage Guitar and Bass - great site for old catalogues, adverts and literature
Little Brother Blues - Vintage DeArmond Acoustic Sound Hole Pickups - very useful acoustic guitars research and history section
The Acoustic Black Widow fan pages - devoted to these obscure guitars


- Unofficial Acoustic Control Corporation site
Marshall Amps
- The official Marshall web site
Vox Showroom
- Vox amps and instruments


Analog Man - vintage guitar effects pedals
Dan Armstrong Org - the man and his guitars (and effects units)
Disco Freq's Guitar Effects database - Guitar Effects pedals - all of them!
The Pedal Area - definitive articles on some classic pedals - the official Electro Harmonix web site

Synthezisers and keyboards:

Bob Moog Foundation - custodians of Dr. Bob Moog’s legacy
Vintage Synth Explorer - vintage synths and modern emulations
Retro Synth Ads - vintage synth adverts
Tom Oberheim - pioneering synth designer back in business
MatrixSynth - everything synth blog


Apostolic Studios - the recording studio that became FZ's New York downtown playground!

Percussion and Other Gear:

Vintage Ludwig Drums - Ludwig drums produced during the 1960’s and 1970’s
Vintage Drum Guide - the history of vintage drums

... this list is very much a work in progress - many many more to follow here