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More E-mu Modular Synthesizer pictures

There may not be room for all of these to appear in the E-mu section of the Zappa's Gear book, so I thought I'd post them here for those of you who might be interested. The keyboard photos are courtesy of Ivan Schwarz. (All pictures are copyright and are not to be reproduced without permission.)

Cabinet #1, now on display at the Musée de la Musique in Paris.


Cabinet #2, also at the Musée de la Musique.

Frank Zappas E-mu 4000 keyboard
One of FZ's two E-mu 4000 monophonic keyboards - sold in 1999 in the Joe's Garage sale.

E-mu 400 keyboard control panel The E-mu 4000 keyboard control panel.

E-mu 4000 connector
The E-mu 4000 connector (ICA Ltd. was FZ's production company aka InterContinental Absurdities)

FZ's E-mu 4060 polyphonic sequencer keyboard
FZ's E-mu 4060 Polyphonic Sequencer keyboard. This was revolutionary at the time, the outputs were control voltages, the digital MIDI specification had not yet been launched.

E-mu 4600 control panel The E-mu 4060 control panel.

E-mu 4600 connector
The E-mu 4060 connector.